I Forced A Bot To Watch 1000 Hours Of…

I Forced A Bot To Watch 1000 Hours Of…
DirectorCuil Creations
CompanyCuil Creations
OriginOttawa/Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PlaywrightCuil Creations
CastJustin DeBois, John Echano, Nicholas Maillet
Duration50 minutes
Show TypeComedy

Three learning bots are tasked with the seemingly simple job of recognizing and analyzing... cats? As they learn more about cats, they understand less about everything else. So let's find the cat that mends all other cats shall we? An abstract comedy that's a little smart, and very, very weird.

Content Warnings: Smoke, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Violence


Show times

TimeVenueBook online!
08/20/2019 10:00 pmBMO Studio TheatreEventBrite
08/21/2019 11:30 pmBMO Studio TheatreEventBrite
08/22/2019 8:30 pmBMO Studio TheatreEventBrite
08/24/2019 1:00 amBMO Studio TheatreEventBrite
08/24/2019 11:30 pmBMO Studio TheatreEventBrite