Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf
DirectorSophia Wilcott
CompanyInterAction School of Performing Arts
OriginSaint John, New Brunswick
PlaywrightStudent Collective
CastCatherine Gray, Charlotte Harriman, Alex Hawkins, Bridget Lockyer, Zaida Norman, Lydia Ross, Ashley Sears, Riley Small & Madlyn Woodruff
Duration27 minutes
Show TypeDevised Theatre
Tip the Artisthttps://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/interaction-school-of-performing-arts/#donate-now-pane

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Welcome to a mystery, comedy, and drama - otherwise known as the life of a high-schooler. After the disappearance of a local teen, people start to make assumptions. Through modern storytelling techniques, Cry Wolf tests the boundaries between truth and rumour. With original stories, choreography, and graphics by the performers.

Content Warnings: Language

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