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Tom & Erica: Don't Believe us Just Watch

Tom & Erica: Don't Believe us Just Watch

Rated    R

Eventbrite - Tom & Erica: Dont Believe us, Just Watch

Tom & Erica present a fully loaded, punched up, high octane sketch show that will leave people excited for more. With habits of touching on the messier side of life, Tom & Erica enjoy taking the mishaps and screw ups and spinning them into a hilarious turn of events. Featuring stand up by the insanely talented Rachel McLatchie

Dates for this show:

  • 08-22-2017 5:45Pm - 6:15PM
  • 08-23-2017 6:15PM - 6:45PM
  • 08-24-2017 7:45PM - 8:15PM
  • 08-25-2017 6:45PM - 7:15PM
  • 08-26-2017 7:45PM - 8:15PM