Performer Application

Please note: If you find any portions of this application are not functioning or if you are experiencing difficulty submitting, please e-mail and we will correct the problem as soon as possible.

Important Dates & Information:

Fundy Fringe Festival takes place August 21 - 26, 2017 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Communication with Fundy Fringe Festival will take place through this website or by e-mailing

Application Form/Fee Due: March 31st
Notification of Acceptance: April 3rd
Confirmation of Acceptance/Prod Fee due: April 28th

Performer selection will be by Lottery. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on this website, or e-mail us at

Application Fee: $25
Production Fee: $250
Withdrawal by June 2, 2017: 50% return
Withdrawal after June 2, 2017: 0% return

100 Performance Slots are available at 5 venues over 5 days. Shows will run in 60 minute slots with 30 minutes for set-up and tear-down (15 minutes ea.). If your show runs longer than 60 minutes, please elaborate in this application and we will consider such applicants on a case by case basis, but cannot guarantee acceptance. Correspondence will be through e-mail with the Primary Contact only, unless the Secondary Contact or another method of communication is required for any reason.

Fundy Fringe Festival (the “Festival”) is part of a growing community of Fringe Festivals throughout North America, dedicated to supporting independent performers and artists and creating affordable spaces through which diverse communities can experience boundary-pushing theatre and other performances, in accordance with the four criteria set out by the Canadian Association Of Fringe Festivals (CAFF):

  1. Fringe Festivals are un-juried.
  2. Fringe Festivals are uncensored.
  3. Fringe Festivals are accessible to audiences and artists.
  4. Fringe Festivals return 100% of the ticket price to participating artists.
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Do you have any unusual, unavoidable, or extraneous scheduling factors to consider (we will expect all companies to be present for the duration of the Festival unless it is indicated otherwise)
If available, would your group wish to take advantage of billeting?
How did you find out about Fundy Fringe Festival?
I agree to payment of a $25 Application Fee. [This non-refundable fee is due by April 10, 2015, to cover administrative costs of processing applications as well as the public lottery. Applications are not valid without payment of this fee. Application and payment may be submitted separately; however, payment must be received by April 10, 2015 for your application to be considered. If method of payment is not available online here at the time of your submission, you may submit your application and you will be contacted once online payment is available to finalize this process.]
I agree to payment of a $250 Production Fee. [We will notify you of your acceptance by April 3, 2017, and will expect a confirmation of this acceptance as well as payment of the Production Fees by April 28, 2017. Failure to pay the Production Fees on or before April 28, 2017 will result in the forfeiture of your performance slot and the removal of your Company and/or production from the Festival program without further notice. The Production Fee covers cost of venue, box office services, venue site management, one technician, volunteer coordination and basic equipment your performance. Your specific technical needs will be addressed by a technical questionnaire you will complete after acceptance. Venue specs will be provided upon confirmation of your venue assignment.]
By submitting this application I agree to the following. Companies may not sell or transfer their space or timeslot to another company or both companies will be removed from the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to limit production and/or technical elements should time or safety be a concern, as well as ban technical elements not previously discussed with the Technical Director. Performances that are delayed by an act of God, unforeseen or unavoidable disaster, public or governmental disruption or any other cause beyond the control of the Festival resulting in loss of revenue or performance time, shall not be the liability of the Festival in any way. Cancellation due to misuse or misrepresentation of performance rights will result in forfeiture of all payment and fees. If accepted into the Festival, this application shall stand as a signed agreement between your Company and the Festival. I understand that I have until June 2, 2017 to officially withdraw from the festival in order to have 50% of my Production Fee refunded to me, and that after 11:59pm AST on June 2, 2017, these fees become nonrefundable. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals, rights and permissions to perform our production and that cancellation due to misuse or misrepresentation of performance rights will result in forfeiture of all fees. I understand that it is the responsibility of the Company to make sure that all of the technical needs are managed. If the needs of my production do not match our venue options or assignments, it is my responsibility to communicate these concerns immediately upon receipt of venue assignment.
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