F⁴, or Fringe Power, or FFF-FM, is an annual summer radio series on Local 107.3fm, showcasing the talent of the Fundy Fringe Festival. Hosted this year by Theatre Narcissus Twelve's Tim Turnell, live from the comfort of bed (?!), F⁴ airs weekly, Thursdays 430pm, Friday 7pm and Sunday 6pm. You can catch F⁴ on-air on Local 107.3fm, as well as online at

Our latest episode of Summer 2014's Fringe Power: In Bed With Tim Turnell features guests Kyle Allatt of Montreal's The House Of Style, discussing their upcoming performance of The No Bull$#!% History Of Canada, and Kate Elman-Wilcott, Sophie Wilcott and Danielle England discussing InterAction School Of Performing Arts' production Peter And The Wolf, along with Fundy Fringe Festival Director Sarah Rankin and a special announcement from FFF Co-Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Cunningham.


Summer 2014's inaugural episode of Fringe Power: In Bed With Tim Turnell features guests Sandra Bell and Skot Lilly of Decoy Productions, discussing their upcoming performance Portrait, along with Fundy Fringe Festival Volunteer Coordinators Andrea Cunningham and JQ Smith.


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